Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sushi for Kids

I am in a serious cooking rut.  Lately I have felt like a robot, serving the same meals to the kids over and over.  Pasta, chicken, pasta, turkey, and a little more pasta.  Did I mention my children have a deep love for noodles?  It brings back memories of my childhood, where my mom would say "If you keep eating that, you're going to turn into a (insert foodstuff here)."  I'm having nightmares of driving cavatappi and rotini to school.  Scary stuff, I know. In an effort to get help, I've been navigating the web in search of kid-friendly food ideas NOT involving noodles.  And voila....

Check out this clever idea from the folks over at The Kitchn.

{image via The Kitchn}

Fruit and peanut butter sushi.  Looks totally yummy, healthy, and non-noodley.  I am adding this little recipe into the dinner rotation.  

What are your go-to kid dinners?


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