Thursday, April 15, 2010


I'm the first person to say that I could live for the rest of my life without watching another TV show.  The truth is, I generally don't enjoy or find much value in the loud, glowing box that seems to mesmerize my husband and children.   But I have to confess, I am totally and completely enamored with Parenthood on NBC.


I adore the Braverman family, perfect in their imperfections.  The characters are rich in their depth, and contain universalities that we can all relate to on some level.  Working mom with a successful career who struggles to find balance?  Check.  Oldest son who can't figure out where his family ends and he begins?  Check  A family that, above all else, supports each other through life's challenges?  Double check.

I love this show and truly look forward to it each week.   If only there were more of this type of reality show and less of the other kind, maybe I could stop threatening to throw the TVs away.


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