Monday, August 16, 2010

T-Shirt Love

Doesn't it seem so much easier to buy cute clothes for little girls than for little boys?  I have to confess, I'm lucky enough to have a mom who outfits my kids in the absolute cutest clothes, so I don't worry much about shopping for them.  However, when I do need a specific item or just want to browse the latest trends, I tend to find several things for my daughter for every one item I spot for my son.

My little guy pretty much lives in t-shirts, paired with cargo shorts and sandals in the summer, and worn over long-sleeve thermals with jeans in the winter.  I adore DX-Xtreme t-shirts, made of a durable yet soft cotton and raw edges to the collar and sleeves.   Available at Nordstrom, these funky designs aren't your typical graphic tees.  Perfect for my Dash, who is not your typical kid.


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