Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lamb Cake

Easter is just one week away, and I'm looking forward to hosting a brunch for my in-laws on Saturday and an Easter breakfast and egg hunt for the kids with my mom and grandma on Sunday.  I haven't quite worked out the menu yet, though I know it will include chicken salad tea sandwiches (my grandma's fave), some of the lovely fresh fruit from our local produce market, and a french green bean recipe I am working on.  Of course it wouldn't be Easter without a smoky, sweet ham, and a bevy of treats.

We're big on traditions in our house, and every easter my mother-in-law makes a lamb cake for the kids.

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These cakes originated in Eastern Europe and while I don't remember them from my childhood in Minnesota, they are abundant in the Chicago area.  They're fun and festive, and I love that it is a little something special the kids can look forward to every easter.

What are your Easter traditions?


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