Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Heart Bento Boxes

I have a new obsession with bento boxes. These partitioned lunch containers are not only adorable, but fantastically functional. As a working mom, I take great pride in preparing meals for both my children. A healthy, balanced meal is something special that I can give them even when I'm not there. Their tote bags used to overflow with mini plastic containers filled with pastas, fruits and veggies. Though the food was good for them, the containers were not particularly space efficient or environmentally friendly.

The solution?  Bento boxes.  Originating in Japan, a bento box is traditionally a meal served in a box with separate compartments, usually consisting of rice, meat and vegetables.  The modern bento is a portioned lunch container for one.  We ordered ours through Laptop Lunches, though I have seen lots of different styles and brands popping up lately.  
My daughter got the pink floral version, while my son opted for the alien design.  The set comes with several mini containers, silverware, a water bottle and even a user's guide.  Brilliant.

Mom confession:  I sneak these off to work whenever the kids aren't using them.  They help me keep portions in check and keep the food fresh and compartmentalized.

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